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About Yootech Wireless Charging Pad,You need to know...

Whether you are using a wireless charger or are about to buy a wireless charger, this article will be of great use to you, and you will regret why you didn’t see it earlier.
This article below is reprint from a blog of a loyal fan of SINREGeek
Recently,I got a wireless fast charging charger from YOOTECH. I was excited because i often see the YOOTECH ads,Presumably his quality can match his propaganda.
Let's go see
1. Appearance of YOOTECH wireless charger
The product adopts a disc shape design, which is small and flat and does not occupy a space.
And the product packaging box design is very simple, with only the brand and product name on the front.The package contains a wireless charger,data cable and instruction manual. The product adopts a disc shape design, the flat surface of the fuselage is frosted, Feels Plastic and cheap .
Yootech Wireless Charging pad F500
Yootech F500 review
2.Disassembly of YOOTECH wireless charger
Tear off the non-slip mat, there are five screws inside for packaging and fixing. Remove the screws to open the fuselage, and there are fixing posts on the back to fix the PCB board.
3. Reviews of YOOTECH wireless charger
No voice without use,I used this qi charging pad for a week,Let me talk about my feelings:
The wireless charging pad can match my Iphone 11 mobile phone very well.
But one of the biggest headaches for me is If I do not place it in the correct position,my phone will not be charged.So that I have to check whether it is charged or not every 10 minutes,This is a very devastating thing.
At least I don’t think this problem will appear in the big brand like YOOTECH,Is it true that a friend said that Top brands are mainly focused on advertising?
In addition, this wireless charger will get hot after charging half an hour. As you know, the charger will directly affect the charging speed if it gets hot.

You can't imagine how much the heating of the charger will affect the charging speed.

However, this wireless charger still has advantages. It is compatible with all devices that support QI, up to 10W, which can be fast-charged for Apple mobile phones.

In summary,yootech's recommendation index is 3 stars.

but it is cheap, and we won’t expect to use cheap product for a long time. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, right?

I have never encountered a perfect wireless charger. I almost lose faith in it until I received my 35th birthday gift...
I think you might have guessed it. My birthday gift is a wireless charger from my wife. The product brand is SINREGeek. My first reaction is, what brand is this? Why haven’t I heard of it? I can’t find this brand on Amazon, my wife told me later that she bought it on the SINREGeek official website.
I charged my phone with the attitude of giving it a try.
Out of expectation, the charging speed of SINREGeek wireless charger is 30% faster than YOOTECH, and it does not get hot even if it is fully charged, and the wireless charger stand is better than a pad: I can charge my cell phone while watching the video. The most important thing is it can recognize any phone quickly and charge in the right mode, I don’t have to worry about  it will disconnect the charging.
In additional,It can charger my Iphone ,Apple watch,Airpod at the same time!Which really cleans up my nightstand.
Highly recommended!
Thanks this gift from my wife!I love her.
Here is the picture of my Detachable and Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand for SINREGeek,Attach my evaluation of the produc At the same time.
This experience tells me not to blindly believe in the so-called Top brands. We buy products instead of trademarks. Especially for electronic products such as wireless charger stand, they look the same on the surface, but they are really different in use.
Don’t believe that there are any cheap but good products in this world, our mobile phone is so expensive,if damaged with a low-quality charger, the gain is not worth the loss.
Hope my sharing is useful to you.

The following words are from SINREGeek sellers:


Thanks for MR Cardinal's Highly recommended,I am glad to hear from him that  he like our wireless charger very much ,I believe this is also our original intention to switch from 2B to 2C——Directly facing end customers, so that our high-quality products can serve more consumers.

SINREGeek was created by the team, who have been devoted in the design , produce and sell of wireless chargers for  nearly 10 years. During the past days, we provide OEM ODM service for some famous 3C brands and supply to some E-commerce sales platforms like Ebay,Amazon and Walmart. Since we have obvious advantages in products R&D, We target ourselves to the B2B market. One day we suddenly realized, why don't we build our own brand and sell the best wireless charging station directly to end users? Thanks so much for this inspiration, The idea excites us, so here we are! Our purpose is to provide best wireless phone charger that people love, but for a lower price. We accomplish this, Because we are the factory, we kicked out the middlemen and sold the products directly to the end users. 

As a senior person in the wireless charging industry, There have 5 questions to ask before buying a wireless charging staion.

Q1.Pad, mat, or charging stand?

A charging stand holds your phone upright at an angle, so it’s easier to see messages or notifications, or to watch videos while charging. Look for chargers that are adjustable for portrait or landscape mode and offer multiple angles for more flexibility. These are great options for the office, when you want to charge but need to keep an eye on your phone. SINREGeek wireless charge stand even lets you free the charging puck from the stand for flat-on-the-table charging, offering even more versatility.

If you have an Apple Watch, you may have been disappointed when the company abandoned its plans to build a multi-device charging mat. It was supposed to be one accessory, capable of charging your phone, your watch, and your earbuds in one place. The company decided its prototypes weren’t ready for prime time and walked away. Multi-device charging accessories do exist, however.SINREGeek's wireless watch dock duo uses a novel design to charge your phone and Apple Watch in one fell swoop.

Magnetic Wireless  Charging Stand

Q2.How fast will a wireless charger power up your phone?

Charging speed is important,If your wireless charger is not capable of charging at a phone’s highest speed, your results will be slower. There are, for example, plenty of inexpensive wireless chargers with maximum speeds of 5 watts, while the fastest phones above charge wirelessly at 10 watts. All of SINREGeek’s wireless chargers can provide at least 10 watts of power.

Samsung wireless charger 15W Fast charge

Q3.Will it get hot when charging?

Many wireless chargers seller do not have cooling processing technology, which will cause the charger to become hot when charging. This is one of the biggest differences between a good wireless charger and a bad wireless charger. If the device is hot, the charging speed will be very slow.Even more,many wireless chargers do not have input voltage protection, input current protection, short-circuit protection and more. These play a pivotal role in the safety of a wireless charger,Can not be ignored when before buying a wireless charging pad.

SINREGeek masters the core technology of cooling treatment,All of our wireless chargers has the built-in ATB technology provides temperature control, input voltage protection, input current protection, short-circuit protection . 

What's more,All of our products have QI ,CE, FCC, RoHS Certified.

iphone watch charging stand

Q4.Does the wireless charging station Recognizes phones immediately.

When you put the mobile phone on the wireless charger, it cannot sense the existence of the mobile phone, which is a very devastating thing.

You should to ensure if there have a smart chip built in the wireless charging pad.

What's more,If the wireless charging pad not so smart,When the charging distance is too far, it cannot be charged ,You have to remove the phone case every time before charging,Don't you think it is troublesome?

SINREGeek's wireless chargers are very smart. It can recognize any phone quickly and charge in the right mode.

wireless charger 3 in 1

Q5.Does it compatible with your cell phone?

Regarding this question, Almost every wireless charging seller will answer YES.

Wireless Charging isn’t really a completely new product. Electric toothbrushes have been using the principles of inductive charging for many years. Qi Wireless Charging uses a resonant inductive coupling between the sender (the charging station) and the reciever (the mobile device).

As long as your phone supports wireless charging, Almost all wireless charging on the market can be compatible with your phone.

3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station for Watch,Airpads Pro
Our design team also check these questions repeatedly when we involve a new product.Because we believe Good wine needs no bush.

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