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Review of xiaomi 80w air-cooling wireless charger stand

Unbox of xiaomi 80w wireless charging stand

Unbox of xiaomi 80w wireless charging stand

Days earlier, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi 11 Pro and 11 Ultra new phones at the "Endless Life" press conference. Among them, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra is also known as the "Light of Android" for its luxurious configuration.  Both phones support 67W wired and wireless fast charging in terms of charging. In order to support Xiaomi's new 6:1 voltage solution 67W wireless fast charging, an 80W vertical wireless charging kit was also launched at the press conference.
xiaomi 80w air cooled wireless charger
This is another product that leads the industry after the Xiaomi 120W fast charge charger. It adopts a sail-shaped design and is full of artistic sense. With built-in dual coils, the mobile phone can be wirelessly charged horizontally and vertically, and the user experience is better. In addition, it is equipped with an active cooling fan to take away heat in time, which can reduce the temperature rise during high-power wireless charging. Wireless520 disassembles this wireless charger in detail to see its internal design materials.
xiaomi fast wireless charger

1. Appearance of Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charger

The packaging box is black, with a Phnom Penh sharp corner pattern in the middle of the front, which matches the shape of the wireless charger. The MI logo and product package name are printed on the top and bottom. 80W wireless charger + 120W wired charger. There is a product information sticker on the back. The sticker is printed with the appearance of the wireless charger, parameters, manufacturer and manufacturer and other information. Open the box and place the small box containing the charger set on the top. Continue to take out the wireless charger, there is a paper box for fixed protection.
unbox of xiaomi 80w wireless charger
There is a 120W super fast charging charger and A to C charging cable in the small box. A list of everything in the package, including 80W wireless charger, 120W charger set, user manual and three packs of certificates.
charging test of xiaomi 80w wireless charger
When using the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 test charger with the original cable, it supports Samsung 5V2A, DCP protocol, and QC2.0, QC3.0, PD3.0 fast charging protocol. And it has four sets of fixed voltage gears: 5V3A, 9V3A, 15V3A, 20V3.25A, that is, the charger can be used with the original line to charge the notebook 65W PD fast.
review mi 80w air cooled wireless charger
Xiaomi's 80W wireless charger uses a sail-shaped design. The wireless charger body uses a PC flame-retardant material shell with a matte surface. The mobile phone support platform uses a transparent acrylic block design. The front of the wireless charging body is concave, and an air duct can be formed between putting the mobile phone on, and the bottom is equipped with an air outlet, and the built-in fan blows away the heat generated during the wireless charging process.
cooling fan xiaomi wireless charger
The supporting platform adopts a stepped design, which can effectively prevent the mobile phone from sliding down. The back of the wireless charger is equipped with an LED indicator and a USB-C input interface. When wireless charging is in progress, the LED indicator lights up green. Seen from the side, the body has a certain inclination, and the phone will not tip over during wireless charging. The junction of the two triangles looks fragile, but in fact, the bottom is supported by a metal plate, which is very strong. The metal plate is provided with an air inlet window and is pasted with a non-slip rubber pad.
led of xiaomi wireless charger
In addition, laser carving has charger parameter information
Product Name:XiaoMi 80W Sailing Ship Air-cooled Wireless Charger
Model: MDY-13-ED
Input: 5-20V6A Max
Output: 80W Max
Working frequency: 116-145KHz
Manufacturer: Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer: Kunshan Liantao Electronics Co., Ltd.
The product has passed the qi certification.
charging speed of xiaomi 80w wireless charger
Using the Xiaomi 80W wireless charging kit to wirelessly charge the Xiaomi 11 mobile phone, the measured output power of the charger is 19.96V 2.68A 53.47W. In addition, it was used to charge the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the output power of the charger was measured to be 20V 0.37A 7.49W.

2. Unbox Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charger

Tear off the non-slip mat, there are fixing screws inside. The internal wireless charging module can be taken out by removing the screw. A black cone plastic shell is fixed on the metal plate, and the wireless charging PCB board and the coil are fixed on the front and back of the plastic shell. The PCB board is fixed with screws. The wireless charging coil is fixed with double-sided tape. In addition, a small fan is fixed at the bottom, which is also fixed with screws. The whole wireless charger consists of three parts: PCB board, coil and small fan. At a glance on the front of the PCB, there are multiple controllers, wireless charging power levels and Bluetooth antennas. There are alloy buck-boost inductors, filter solid capacitors and NPO resonant capacitors on the back. A close-up of USB-C female socket, vertical via welding. A close-up of the input filter solid capacitor, the specification is 35V 100μF.
tear down xiaomi 80w wireless charging station
Volta Semiconductor NU1513 is a highly integrated digital controller that integrates all basic functions to provide stable power and maintain stable communication with WPC-compatible receivers. It can be used for 30W wireless charging transmitters that comply with WPC EPP standards. This device, together with the power-level IC of the NU1028, constitutes a simple, high-performance, and cost-effective wireless charging transmitter solution, which is suitable for a wide range of applications.
xiaomi 11 ultra wireless charger
Both wireless charging coils are driven by two Volta Semiconductors NU1028 in parallel. Close-up of NU1028 full-bridge driver, an integrated power stage for highly integrated high-power wireless charging, internal integrated power full-bridge, driver, built-in step-down circuit and voltage regulator circuit. Support lossless high-precision current detection for in-band communication and foreign object detection. Integrated digital demodulation, integrated undervoltage and overvoltage protection, support for complete protection functions, support for digital I2C interface, 4*4mm QFN package.
xiaomi super fast wireless charger air cooling
A close-up of the NPO resonant capacitor, three in parallel. Close-up of another group of NPO resonant capacitors. A close-up of the wireless charging coil, tightly wound, equipped with a thermistor for temperature monitoring. Another close-up of the coil is also equipped with a thermistor for temperature monitoring. The input protection tube adopts VS3510AE, with a withstand voltage of 30V, and a PDFN3333 package.
PCBA of xiaomi 80w wireless charger
RainSun patch ceramic bluetooth antenna, AN2051 multilayer ceramic antenna, used for wireless charger to connect to mobile phone, realize out-of-band communication, high-power charging is more stable. A close-up of the LED indicator. The connecting wire of the small fan adopts a plug-in design, which is easy to assemble. The fan comes from Dongguan Hongying, rated input 5V0.4A, four-wire PWM speed control fan.
review xiaomi 11 wireless chargers

Summary of xiaomi 80w air-cooled wireless charger

The unique shape and 80W high power of Xiaomi's wireless charger are its two major features. On the one hand, the brand-new sail design makes it highly recognizable, and the entire wireless charging is also very delicate; on the other hand, the super wireless charging power makes it With a fast charging experience that rivals or even surpasses wired charging. In addition, this product is also equipped with a 120W super fast charging charger that supports qi certification, which can meet the wireless charging needs of devices in various power ranges, and the charging effect will be better for Xiaomi mobile phones such as Xiaomi 11 Pro/Ultra.
xiaomi 11 wireless charger
According to the disassembly, there is a three-dimensional plastic frame that fits the shape of the body inside the wireless charger, which is used to support and fix the PCB board and the wireless charging coil. The bottom metal plate, the internal small fan and the PCB board are all fixed with screws. , The disassembly is more convenient, and it can be dismantled without damage.
There is a Cypress CYPD3171 port controller on the PCB to control the output voltage of the adapter. In addition, there are two voltage conversion circuits, which use Nanxin SC8701 and Silica SY8201 to perform step-up and step-down to supply power to the coil and the wireless charging control circuit. In addition, the Vodafone Semiconductor NU1513+NU1028 highly integrated wireless charging scheme is adopted, the circuit is simple and the function is complete, the coil is equipped with thermistor for temperature monitoring, and a dedicated chip is used for wireless charging out-of-band communication via Bluetooth. The charger is manufactured by Luxshare Precision.

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