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Review of Magsafe Magnetic Wireless Car Charger For iPhone 12

In the early hours of this morning, when the new Apple iPhone 12 was released, the discussion about whether the standard charger was finally resolved: No adaptor anymore . However, the "MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging" mentioned in the press conference immediately became the new focus of discussion. The release of the new Apple iPhone12 has brought the charging accessories market into a new stage of development, both the 20W PD fast charging charger and the Magsafe magnetic wireless charger.
review of magnetic wireless charger
Faced with the new magnetic wireless charging technology, there are few similar products on the market to choose from. However,Wireless520 got a magnetic car wireless charger that also supports the Qi wireless charging standard, which can support the magnetic wireless charging of the iPhone 12 car. Let's disassemble it to see how its interior is designed.
magsafe wireless car charger
1. Appearance of Magnetic car wireless charger
The product uses a square black packaging box with a silver decorative ring on the top, the size of which is equivalent to the product cross section. On the side is the silver Magnetic lettering.The packaging box is designed with a heaven and earth cover, and the bottom printed the product description, characteristics and parameters. The product model supports 5V1.5A input and 5V1A output, conforms to Qi standards, and has passed qi, CE, FCC and RoHS certifications. After opening the box, we can find the charging cable and magnetic iron ring at the bottom.
A list of everything in the package, including magnetic wireless charger, USB-A to USB-C data cable, two magnetic iron rings, two transparent films, yellow paper and instructions for use.
2.Disassemble the wireless charger
Through disassembly, sinretech learned that the product has built-in Bayland D9200+D9010 wireless charging solution, using the master control + power full bridge collocation, which is very integrated and very cost-effective. In addition, it supports USB PD fast charging input and has a wide range of adaptability. The solution also supports up to 15W power output and is compatible with 5W/7.5W/10W charging power.
magsafe wireless car charging mountmagnetic iphone 12 wireless charging mount
Disassembling the product, you can see that 38 (19*2) magnets are neatly distributed. Compared with the 20 magnets of other brands, this wireless charger uses enough material. This is also one of the biggest differences between it and other chargers. When you put your phone on SINREGeek magsafe compatible Wireless car charger, it can firmly holde the mobile phone, even when the car is driving on the rough road, the mobile phone can be charged steadily.
2.Charging speed test
No test without a say,Let's test the charging speed ,Let's see how long it takes to fully charge.
iphone 12 wireless car charger
It tooks 2 hours chargers from 0-100%, and the charging speed very stable. When it is almost full, the current will slowly decrease to protect the phone,If a wireless charging brand publishes the test data, then he must be confident in his product.
SINREGeek is such a brand
magsafe magnetic car charger
The surface of the fuselage shell is frosted, the edge is designed with a bevel, and the top surface is attached with a rubber pad to increase friction, and the suction force makes the phone more secure. There is an LED indicator on the back of the fuselage.  The fixing clip is used by pressing and opening. The indicator light turns blue after power on. From the intuitive experience of holding it in your hand, Magnetic's magnetic car wireless charger is very compact.  Put the mobile phone close to the Magnetic magnetic wireless charging to be magnetically attached together for wireless charging, which is more worry-free during driving.
magsafe wireless charger for iphone 12

Features of Magsafe wireless car charger

ONLY FOR IPHONE 12: Designed exclusively for the iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max.
SECURE MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT: 38 PCS Powerful SINREGeek magnets lock onto your iPhone 12’s built-in magnets for a secure hold even through the roughest terrain.Our Magnetic wireless charger can hold phone firmly,Align your phone accurately, ensures a stronger grip during bumps and turns, and enable easy put and take.
FASTER & EASIER CHARGING: The magnetic ring keeps your iPhone 12 perfectly aligned with the charging pad for faster and hassle-free charging.
STABLE & ADJUSTABLE: Rotate between portrait and landscape mode or any angle in between. Strong magnets keep your iPhone 12 firmly in place.
15W FAST CHARGING: Supports15W fast wireless charging for the iPhone 12,The charging speed is 3X faster than others.
This one is the Preferred product of WIRELESS520,the regular price is 54$,but 39.9$ NOW!


  • I have finished the payment,pls ship the iPhone 12 car charger as soon as possible,thanks a lot!

  • I bought this MagSafe compatible car charger last week ,it works perfect!!the magnet is strong and charged fast!
    I want but another one foy my son,do you have this in stock?if you notic this message ,pls reply my email,thanks


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