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Apple MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger Review: Best Choice for iPhone 12 and Apple Watch

One of the devices many people were excited about from the last iphone event was this guy right here, this is apple's magsafe duo charger, a device that can wirelessly charge your iphone12 and apple watch at the same time, but can also wirelessly charge your Airpods. Any previous iphones with wireless charging capabilities, in fact any device that is compatible with qi wireless charging in this episode.  i show you how it works. 

0 apple magsafe duo wireless charger
we are taking a look at the magsafe duo charger apple sent this over for review, so i figured i'd show you how it works. This is it right here, the magsafe duo, it will cost 129usd when it goes on sale, and before we open this up,  i do also have unboxings and reviews of the new iphone 12 mini and iphone 12 pro max,  and have much more coming on apple's fall releases.  
apple magsafe duo
package of apple magsafe duo charger
Let's get this opened up, just pulling the top off here and there it is magsafe duo,  taking it out of the box, you can see there again,  exactly what we saw on the front of the box,  you've got the magsafe on one side and the apple watch magnetic charger on the other, and again you can move the apple watch magnetic portion upwards if you want to charge in dock mode to use the nightstand features,  and then you're not using it, it folds up and it actually magnets together.  so it's not floppy, it actually securely closes and stays closed until you open it again. 
apple magsafe duo charger review
apple magsafe duo charger
Now let's see what else they've included here in the box. 
We do have the lightning to usb-c cable and we've got all the disclosures here in the other area, no apple sticker included with the magsafe duo. and let's take one more quick look at this now,  as you can see, it has a lightning port on it,  so you can use the included one meter usb-c to lightning cable, or you can swap it out and use a longer cable which gives you way more options than something like this,  this is apple's magsafe charger,  just a standard magsafe charger and as you can see the cable is permanently attached to this charger, so if this cable is too short for you, you're pretty much out of luck,  you can't remove it and plug in a longer cable. While with the magsafe duo charger you can.
apple magsafe duo charger for apple watch and iphone 12
Now you do also need to supply your own power source since there's no AC adapter in this box, this is apple's 20 watt charging adapter, so when you go to the apple store, just look for this usb-c 20 watt power adapter, apple sells these for 19usd  a piece and this will work great with the magsafe duo. 
Type C adapter magsafe duo review
So here's how this works.  you can put an iphone 12 mini, 12 12 pro or 12 pro max on the magsafe side,  so here is an iphone 12 mini and as you can see,  once we put it on there,  it begins charging. At the same time you can put an apple watch on the other side, which i will do here, apple watch that's a series 6, and as you can see charging and this is still charging as well.
iphone 12 wireless charger price
So simultaneous charging of an iphone and an apple watch.  however, one thing you can also do, rather than an iphone is,  take Airpods that have a wireless charging case and put that on the other side, then you can charge an apple watch and your Airpods at the same time.  these are airpods pro, which ship with a wireless charging case, but you can also get these standard Airpods with wireless charging case as well. Then charge a watch and Airpods at the same time. 
iphone 12 wireless charger magsafe for airpods and iphone 12
Now i showed you how it looked with an iphone 12 mini. so here it is.  with the iphone 12 pro max and again right there instantly starts charging, so really convenient if you want to use one cable and one apple charger to charge multiple devices, rather than buying multiple chargers for different devices.  okay one other question i've seen people asking is, can you remove your phone from a magsafe dual charger without lifting the magsafe dual charger  when you lift your phone? the answer is of course you can! you just lift your phone like that, shut the phone down, lift the phone up, it's not that difficult at all.  there seems to be a lot of concern about this and i think that concern is unwarranted . 
iphone 12 wireless charger magsafe
okay now as i mentioned the magsafe duo will sell for 129USD, when you compare that to the 39USD of the standard magsafe charger, and the 29 for the standalone usb-c apple watch charger,  you're paying an additional 60 for the convenience of having it all in one,  however when you consider that,  you need to power two separate chargers, versus one for the magsafe duo that brings the price difference, down to about 40 dollars. Some might say an even more fair comparison would be the 39 magsafe charger and the 79usd apple watch charging dock,  which allows you to use your apple watch in nightstand mode,  just like the magsafe duo does. when you look at it that way,  the magsafe duo is the cheaper option by about ten dollars for the same utility and feature set. 
new iphone wireless charger magsafe duo
okay so we do know the price but what we don't know is when the magsafe duo will be available,  apple says it's coming soon and since they've already sent it out for review, i imagine it won't be too long of a wait. now if you have any questions about the magsafe duo charger,  drop them down in the comments below and i'll meet you there for further discussion,  of course we'll have much more on the iphone 12, all the accessories and everything else apple will be announcing this week,

iphone 12 magsafe charger duo

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