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Today's review is on the TOP FIVE WIRELESS CHARGERS in 2020.
Through extensive research and testing, I've put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers.  So whether it's price performance or its particular use we've got you covered.
Now let's get started.
Wireless chargers are for the most part aesthetically very similar and the features that they come supplied with are not exceptionally versatile. that being said most people would immediately assume that all wireless chargers offer roughly the same value,  however that's not necessarily the case.  Some models are simply designed in a better way, they come supplied with unique exquisite features and settings,  offer a bit more wattage power and you don't even need to spend a ton of money for a quality one. 

No. 5: Anker Power Wave Wireless Charging Pad

Anker powerwave wireless charging pad

This sentence perfectly describes our opener pick,  the Anker's power wave pad, as always let's begin by testing its compactness and portability, afterall a wireless charger isn't exactly all too convenient if it is big bulky and unwieldy. The dimensions of Anker's power wave pad measure 3.94 inches by 3.94 inches by 0.39 inches, and it weighs only 2.4 ounces in that. Regard it's practically weightless and small enough to fit inside a pocket, what's more, it's slimline kind of design is quite eye-catching,  and it could be a perfect addition to your home desk or working office. 
One of the coolest features of anker's power wave pad is the TPU surface, which prevents the devices from sliding off the surface where they are placed on. Again this is an excellent feature for pretty much any kind of application, you will need to determine the output wattage of your phone or any other device you want to charge and pick the version of anker's power wave pad and accord.  it is available in 5 7.5 and 10 watt variants, most samsung models operate on 10 watts, iphone operates on 7.5 watts while pixel air pods galaxy buds and most qi enabled devices operate on 5 watts,  that's not all though,  there are a bunch of other interesting features that anker powerwave pad comes supplied with, such as the through case charging technology,  the multi-protect safety system, and informative indicator lights.
The through case charging technology enables the power wave pad to penetrate cases that are not thicker than five millimeters,  which means that you won't need to strip your phone for charging and redress it afterward.
Furthermore, the multi-protect safety system rocks foreign object detection, short circuit protection as well as temperature control features, which essentially means that it's shielded from most internal and external sources of damage and malfunction.
Last but certainly not least,  the informative indicator lights flicker and change color depending on the current status. The flashing blue states that metal obstructions are detected, if the lights flash green, you are using
incompatible adapter or cable, if the light is flashing blue for three seconds and then shuts down, the anker's power wave pad has connected, if it persists it is actively charging your device. All things considered, this is a remarkable wireless charger that is available at a dirt cheap price,  so if you're looking for value and don't want to spend a lot of money, we highly recommend checking out anker's power wave pad!

NO. 4: RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

RAVPower wireless charging pad

After the power wave,  we're going over to Ravpower's catalog with their fast charge model,  basically it looks almost exactly like the one we just reviewed,  but it comes supplied with totally different features,  so let's see what it has to offer.
The dimensions of ravpower's fast charger measure 3.54 inches by 3.54 inches by 0.63 inches, and it weighs approximately 4.8 ounces, it's just as small and light as our previous pick,  so in that regard,  they're pretty much equal in the field of portability. A variant of case through charging technology is present here, although it's slightly inferior to the one anker utilizes.  The ravpowers fast charger can penetrate smartphone cases that are not thicker than three millimeters, as opposed to Anker's technology that can go up to five,  what we liked about this wireless charger pad the most is its ability to rapidly charge qi enabled phones.
Ravpower charging pad
In fact it's almost twice as fast as a standard wireless charger, which is provided with the exquisite hyper-air technology,  regardless of the type of device that is connected, another thing that separates ravpower's fast charger from similar wireless charger models is the instant detection technology. This feature basically immediately recognizes different devices and channels the charging via appropriate wattage routers 10 watts for samsung, 7.5 for iphones and so on. Sadly there are a couple of smartphones and devices that are not compatible to use with ravpower's fast charger, includingLG's G4 G2 and VU2, samsung's galaxy S3 S4 S5 and Notes 2 3 and 4, as well as nokia's lumia 820 and blackberry z30. These devices require an extra receiver before they can be coupled to the fast charger. On the brighter side,  the vast majority of popular smartphones are supported by ravpower's fast charger. The 5 watt variant support nexus 4 5 and 6, the 7.5 watt variants support most iphones,  while 10 watt variants support most samsung phones, from note 5 to node 20, from S7 to s20 plus.  Furthermore, ravpower's charger features smart indicator led lights,  which allows you to recognize its current state, charging passive detecting devices and potential errors alert.  There's one little flaw in terms of design that does not interfere with ravpower's charger, but it can be quite a nuisance. Namely the led indicators are always blinking with orange lights when iPhone devices are being charged,  this does not apply to other smartphone types.  All things considered,  Ravpower's fast charger is among the best fast charging models that money can buy,  and we recommend it to people who don't mind spending a couple of extra bucks on quality.  

NO.3:Yootech Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Yootech wireless charging pad

Here we have Yootech wireless charger model as our best budget pick.
It's basically in the same price range as anker's charger and it offers substantially more value for the buck in comparison to other low end wi-fi smart device charger models. Starting off with its design and size, the dimensions of yootech wireless charger measure 3.72 inches by 0.48 inches by 3.72 inches and it weighs around 2.08 ounces.  On top of the fact that it is petite in size.  It's also pretty durable, aesthetic-wise,  it looks very modern and sleek, you will be able to choose between three different color style options, including black, black with blue and black with red.  The color of the charger itself is not to be confused with the colors of the led indicators,  which will shine differently depending on the active status of the charger.
yootech charging pad teardown
Speaking of which yootech wireless charger is equipped with indicator lights that operate in pretty much the same way as led lights of the models we've just discussed,  the green light shows you that the charger is active without any notable issues, the orange is basically alerting you that there might be some problems with detection or interference and red light points out that connection was not successfully achieved, there are three charging modes at your disposal that correspond to the most popular wattage charging options, 5 7.5 and 10 watts allowing you to charge any type of smartphone with yootech charger.  Furthermore,  it's also compatible with most types of Airpods.  What we liked the most about yootech's wireless charger is the IPT intelligent protect tech feature that offers surge and short circuit protection, as well as optimal temperature dispersal and control. This wireless charger is made of ultra durable ABS which is both sturdy and resistant to fire, in conclusion youtech's  wireless charger offers way more features and benefits than you'd bargain for at such a low price,  so if you are on the market looking for a low-cost wireless charger, look no further than this model.

NO.4 Belkin Wireless Charging Stand

Belkin boost up wireless charger

One of the most popular wireless charger types is the charging pad while the second one is the charging stand. basically stands are slightly less compact and probably a bit less portable, but they offer a plethora of additional benefits and bring strikingly superior advantages to the table in terms of versatility and stability. Belkin's wireless charging stand features dimensions that measure 3.58 inches by 3.91 inches by 4.84 inches, and it weighs 6.6 ounces,  Essentially there are no significant differences between it and most charging pads that revolve around size and design, this wireless stand also features the boost up technology that provides a drastic boon to the overall charging speed. basically it simulates 10 watt charging even for devices that are normally compatible with lower wattage inputs. Such as iphones for example, which are compatible with 7.5 watt chargers.  Another thing we really liked about belkin's wireless charging stand is the set of precision resistors,  complemented with exceptionally robust shielding.  This charger model is very durable and it minimizes magnetic interferences all the while protecting your smartphone or other connected devices while they are charging.  Sadly it doesn't support the fast charge feature for google's pixel 3 smartphone so you will have to settle for 5 watt charging,  be it as it may,  this is still one of the most versatile and most valuable wireless chargers within its price range. 

NO.1 SINReGeek 10W Slim Wireless Charging Stand

SINReGeek wireless charging pack

We've opened up our review of the top 5 wireless chargers with anker's power wave pad, and we're closing it with the SINReGeek Wireless Charging Stand.  Oddly enough,  the 10w fast wireless charging stand is even smaller than the pad, and it offers roughly the same functionalities and features.  albeit at a slightly heftier price tag, the dimensions of power wave stand measure 2.55 inches by 3.73 inches by 4.13 inches, and it weighs approximately 3.98 ounces, even though it might be a couple of ounces heavier,  it's still ultra small and lightweight.  just like the above charging pad,  the SINReGeek slim charging stand offers fast charging modes for most samsung and iphone models,  sadly google pixels and other qi capable smartphones can only be charged with the standard charging modes, 5 and 7.5 watts depending on the model. 
 2020 wireless charging stand
In question what separates the SINReGeek wireless charging stand from most smart chargers is the fact that it will keep the phone in an upright position, allowing you to use it efficiently even when it is charging, additionally, it will be able to pierce through cases made of rubber plastic or TPU material that are not thicker than five millimeters which is another huge plus.  This smart charger comes outfitted with led indicator lights that are convenient in a lot of ways,  but there's also a bit of downfall to them. Namely some people have reported that the lights are simply too bright for comfort. If you are sleeping in the room where you are charging your phone this might become a sort of a problem at the end of the day.  SINReGeek's smart chargers are currently some of the finest on the market and is an excellent representation of their ingenuity and quality, thanks for reading and that's all for now. SINReGeek provide some special discount for promotion a pack combine wireless charging stand and wireless charging pad, please come for the details here. 


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