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Top 10 Best Wireless Car Charger Mount 2020


Whether you frequently forget to charge your phone or rely heavily on your smartphone for navigation purposes, a wireless car charger mount can help you keep your phone charged all the time. As technology gets more innovative, wireless charging has become a more convenient solution for charging your phone. And today many modern cars come with built-in wireless charger, if you don't have a built-in wireless charger in your car and you can easily get one from our top 10 best wireless car mount lists by spending only a small portion. 


 iOttie iTap qi Wireless Car Mount

iOttie iTap qi Wireless Car Mount specification


Make your everyday car charging a breeze with iOttie iTap, a unique wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone on the go while keeping your eyes on the road. It comes with a Qi enabled wireless fast charging that allows you to charge your smartphone faster than average charging speed and fill up your phone's battery within a short time. This wireless charger comes with a metal plate that you can use to mount your smartphone to a charger magnetically for optimum conveniences. It counted a drive smarter app that allows you to find your way back to the last location you parked your car. This wireless charger features a universal mount that allows you to attach it on any car windshield and ensures it does not wobble or falls apart as you drive. The IOTTIE iTap can your ideal wireless car solution for you and you can get one for your car from Amazon.

ELE-jiaruila wireless car charger mount

ELE-jiaruila wireless car charger mount specification

  The Wireless car charger from ELE-Jiaruila incorporates a Qi enabled wireless fast charger with a car phone holder, offering you a hassle-free two-in-one experience while driving. The Qi certified wireless car charger has quick charge 3.0 and built-in responsive smart chip that can intelligently identify the charging devices, making wireless charging more efficient. The included smart phone holder has silicon suction cups and a soft bottom with sticky pads that will hold your phone and prevent it from falling, whenever there is an emergency breaking situation or a sudden stop. This wireless charger is easy to install and can be directly added in any smooth surfaces like the dashboard of your car or your office desk. It's sticky rubber pads are also easy to remove, washable and leaves no adhesives on the dashboard. The ELE-Jiaruila wireless charger will protect your phone from overcharged, over current and over voltage. It's multistage cooling holes provide enough cooling to protect your device from overheat. if you want a charging device that will give you a cable for charging experience, then we recommend the  ELE-Jiaruila wireless charger for you, with excellent reviews and ratings from online, this amazing wireless charger is available on Amazon at around $24.

 scosche magic mountain full charge

 Make your car charging experience a breeze with scosche magic mountain full charge, a unique and powerful wireless charger that provides a convenient phone charging solution on the move. It features a Qi enabled wireless charging pad that can deliver a 10w of output to fully charge your smart phones within a short time. It comes with Foreign Object Detection Technology that allows you to detect other items alongside your smartphone and stops providing power to ensure security. This wireless car charger uses powerful neodymium rare-Earth magnets to have a good grip on your smartphone. and is a hundred percent safe. With the help of its deep group suction base and adhesive base. you can attach it on any car without any hassle and stay worry free. Forget slow charging speed and fast charger phone on the go with scosche magic pro.


 Magginy wireless car charger mount

Magginy wireless car charger mount
Experience style and convenience of wireless charging on-the-go with magginy car charge mount. A unique car charging mount that is designed to make your wireless charging experience convenient than ever. it comes with qi enabled wireless charging that supports fast charging up to 7.5 watts, so that you can always enjoy faster experience on the go. you can use its magnetic charging phone case to ensure a tight fit to the wireless charging mount and drive with confidence, with this wireless car charging mount. you can have a total 360 degree rotation and allows you to set your phone in any position you like. The magginy car charge mount also comes included with a 5000mAh wireless charging power bank that allow the charger phone wirelessly wherever you go. The magginy car charging mount is the ideal solution for your wireless charging experience of your devices in your car, and you can get it from online.
vanmass Wireless car charger mount

Vanmass wireless car charger mount specification

 While driving most of us struggle to keep our phones charged and keep a stable view for proper navigation. That's why you need vanmass Wireless car charger mount, a unique car charger that combines charger with a phone holder in one unit, to make your phone charging experience convenient while driving. The vanmass car charger mount comes in 10 watt and 15 watt two different output versions to match your fast charging needs, the 15 watt version comes in a qc 3.0 available charger while you need to get one for the 10 watt version. It comes with an adaptive smart chip that intelligently identifies the charging device and delivers accurate amount of power to achieve optimal charging. Equipped with a motor sensor, the arms automatically close and grips your phone. while the phone is attached to the holder, to release the phone, you just have to press release buttons on any side, then the clips will automatically open. You can easily attach it to your car windshield with the help of suction cup, it comes with adjustable arm and 360 degree joint bolts that allows you to find the most suitable angle for safe driving. You can also attach it to the car air vent with its ventilation holder. This car charger mount is compatible with any Qi enabled smartphones and it is suitable for 4 to 6.5 inch smartphone, so that you can use any smartphone without any hassle. The vanmass car charger mount has earned excellent reviews and ratings from the customers, and you can get the 10 watt version at around 53 dollars and the 15 watt version at 60 dollars on Amazon.

 Mophie charger stream vent mount

Mophie charger stream vent mount specifications

 Forget dangling with where's to charge your smartphone while driving and get the mophie charge stream vent mount, a sleek design wireless charging mount that ensures your phone always get charged up. It comes with a Qi certified wireless charging that can delivery up to 10 watts of power output to charge your smartphone effectively as you are driving. This wireless charger offers easy one-handed operation that makes you're attaching the phone and getting it off a breeze. This wireless charger is compatible with virtually any Qi enabled smartphone, so that you can charge any smartphone with this charger without any hassle. It comes an AC vent mounting system that allows you to attach it on any car without any stress and enjoy wireless charging on-the-go. the mophie charge stream vent mount is the perfect wireless charging solution for your devices on any car and you can get it from online. 

 Magicmount charge3

Magicmount charge3 specifications


 Fulfill your wireless charging needs with magicmount Charge3, a compact and powerful wireless charger that charges our phone effectively while you focus on the road. It comes with Qi certified wireless charging that can deliver up to 10 watt of output to fully charge your smartphone within a short time. This wireless charger features foreign object detection technology which shuts the qi wireless charger element down when something other than the device's Qi charging area is detected, it comes with extra powerful rare-earths Neodymium magnets that provide a secure  grip to your devices and are 100%  mobile device safe.  You can attach this wireless charger on any car firmly with its adhesive base and driver were free knowing your phone is in secure hands .
Lynktec bolt smart car mount and qi wireless charger
Lynktec bolt smart car mount and qi wireless charger
 Get the ultimate wireless car charging solution for smartphone with lynktec bolt smart car mount and qi wireless charger, a unique car mount and charging solution that makes your phone charging experience convenient and efficient. it comes a qi certified fast wireless charger that can deliver up to 15 watt of power to charge your smartphone quickly and effectively. This wireless charger offers touchless auto sensing lock and unlock with OneTouch release to make your whole phone charging experience a breeze. This wireless charger comes an adjustable base that supports devices from 4 inches to 6.7 inches, so that you can charge your smartphones in any sizes. You can mount this wireless charger on any car with its air vent holder and have convenient phone charging while keeping your eyes on the road. The Lynktec bolt smart car mount and qi wireless charger is the ultimate charging solution for a smartphone and you can get it from online.
sinregeek 15w wireless charging mount
 Without proper power supply and attachments charging your phone while driving can be difficult, that's why you need SinReGeek ultimate car charger, the ultimate car charging solution for smartphone. It comes in a Qi enabled 15 watt wireless charging pad that charges your smartphone effectively as you drive, it also comes with a QC 3.0 adapter to make charging speed even faster. It features a smart lock technology that intuitively detects your cell phone and locks automatically. It also features a OneTouch release sensor that allows you to get your phone off the charger conveniently. you can mount your smartphone in three different positions to achieve a secure and stable fit while driving. It also comes with three different mounting options that allow you to attach it on any car. This car charger has multiple safety features to ensure safety for you and your smartphone. It also counted a cooling system that prevents your phone from overheating. If you are looking for the perfect car charger for your smartphone that can provide proper power supply and keeps your phone locked in place for better navigation, then the SinReGeek car charger is the right choice for you and you can get it from online.
Give yourself the freedom from searching the right cable for your phone and get Iottie Auto Sense, a unique and powerful wireless car charger that makes your everyday phone charging a breeze. it comes in a Qi certified wireless charger that can deliver a maximum 10 watt output for Android and 7.5 watt output for iOS devices, and ensures effective charging experience. This wireless charger has built-in proximity sensor that allows you to detect your smartphone and automatically opens its arm for easy attachment. while its quick release button releases your phone for easy detachment, it comes with expandable and shock absorbing telescopic arm that keeps your phone stable and secure. While its super strong suction cup installation keeps the charger lock in place. the iOttie Auto Sense is the ultimate wireless car charge solution for your car and you can easily order it from online. so that was all about the top 10 best wireless car charge mounts.

2in1 wireless charging station3in1 wireless charing staiton


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