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Satechi VS Nomad: Which 3- in-1 Wireless Charger is Better?

Nomad apple wireless charging station

So what is going on guys!
Here with another review of wireless chargers,you guys know that I'm very ipad pro focused. But lately i've seen a couple comments that people want me to branch out a little bit more and try a couple tech products out that aren't in the ipad pro realm.  so I thought this would be the perfect video to kind of step into that.  What I wanted to do was compare pretty much the two top talks when it comes to three in one wireless chargers for the big three apple products, which are iphones, apple watches and air pods or airpods pro.
So let's get started Now! We got nomads 3 in 1 VS satechi 3 in 1 wireless charging station, let's go!
 Satechi vs Nomad wireless charging pad
When I first purchased the nomad base station apple watch Edition wireless charger, it was 130 bucks, i got it from best buy. I just wanted to get myself a solution that could charge all three of my apple devices with no problem at my bedside right, and the nomad one seemed to be the easiest one to get my hands on because i could get it that same day. Then the other one is by satechi and this one retailed for 130usd. I think it was 129 but now i'm pretty sure it's on sale for 99. I'm gonna show you guys the current price of each one of these right now, just to let you guys know at this date what they each cost. So essentially both of these do the same exact thing and they're roughly the same price right.
They're meant to be a one solution or one stop shop to wirelessly charge your apple watch, your Airpods 2 or Airpods pro or your iphone or any phones that has wireless charging function.
Nomad iPhone AirPods Cables
At this point,  you're really looking at Satechi.  I've used this one for a while, now i think i've used it for at least three months. The Nomad 3 in 1 charging station  i've only used for about a week. Keep that in mind i have a lot more usage with the Satechi TRIO WIRELESS CHARGING PAD, so i might know a little bit more and might be able to complain about a few more things about the Nomad 3 in 1 charging pad. But the Satechi 3 in 1 TRIO WIRELESS CHARGING PAD is not as much because i haven't used it as much. So just being totally honest with everybody here. Obviously,  i'm going to test up all of their work,  i like to use the samsung because it tells you if it's fast charging or not. Because both of these do give you fast charging wirelessly.
satechi trio wireless charging pad
Supposedly right so, the Nomad charging pad, you can put your phone downon the pad, The problem always happen is it doesn't charge successfully, I need to keep moving the phone to find an accurate position, so it's only charging by some special way, which is not normal, because you can definitely charge two things, you just gotta find a sweet spot. i think that is my first complaint about the Nomad one. This has happened a bunch of times to me, especially when i needed to charge the airpods and an iphone at the same time, there have been multiple occasions where i've put it down and didn't actually test it out like i just did right now,The really sad things is when I woke up in the morning and the iphone has not been charged at all! Because moving it around like that is annoying to do, the fact that it's so tough to be able to differentiate both sides, is very very annoying to me, that's why I definitely lean towards the Satechi 3in1 charging pad a little bit more, because there's obviously designated areas for each product,  so what that has led me to do is to usually only use this in this orientation, so normally at night i use it in this orientation and i charge my apple watch, because i normally charge my airpods pro throughout the day at this point, so it doesn't really bother me too too much.  but if i needed it to do all three then it would have annoyed me a lot more, so that's the one thing you have to get used to with the nomad one because there's no real designation of where they go. 
satechi apple charging pad
Nomad wireless charging pad
So but just to show you guys it does charge all three of them, we'll put the Airpods down, see if we can find that spot.  you can see boom there it is so again, you have to move it like all the way to the edges, which is annoying especially when there's a lot more room there, but you can see that it charges even with an Airpods Pro case,  and on the bottom there's two led indicators that show there's two things charging,  and then the last thing and then you can clearly see that the apple watch is charging.  so it does what it's supposed to do, and one thing that i did want to make sure was that, even though all three things are connected at once, and all being charged at once, we're still getting fast wireless charging . so that's 10 watt wireless charging on the samsung device,  so that's good to know.  so keep that in mind.
satechi trio wireless charging pad airpods and apple watch
Now let's test out the Satechi TRIO WIRELESS CHARGING PAD. If i throw it on the charger, let's see how quickly i can kind of put it down, so immediately i know where to put it. You get the led indicator that turns on immediately. your fast wireless charging that it shows, we'll put the airpods down and again there's a little divot right there, which you can see and this is definitely bigger than the divot especially with the airpods pro case, let's see if it charges, and i also did want to check that it does do fast wireless charging even though there's two devices plugged in,  but let's try the third one which is the apple watch,  throw it on there immediately,  I like how immediately the led turns on and recognizes it, and also the beauty of this is that, this you can move around, so you just pick it up and then you're on nightstand mode, so if you do have an apple watch band that doesn't open up like the sports band, you have no worries, you just plop it on there and it looks a little more uniform on this side. In my opinion, it looks like it's spaced out nicely and it has like again designated areas for each one, so it's a lot easier to know what you're charging and make sure that it's charging. when essentially you go to be a couple other things that i did want to note about these devices is the fit and finish.  So this one is an aluminum finish, it is very very premium, so it feels heavy.  I expect it to be a little bit more plasticy, this is actually heavy, it feels premium, it's made out of aluminum, which is nice. I think the top of it is plastic, but the whole base of it is made out of aluminum, so it'll fit that apple aesthetic nicely.
Nomad iphone Apple Watch Airpods wireless charger
Then the Nomad is nice also because it has leather, it's a nomad product, nobody's always made are known for premium leather products like that, it also feels premium.  The nomad one's a little bit heavier than the Satechi one but this one still feels just as premium. One thing that you do notice right away is the fact that the Nomaf uses a barrel connector guys, which is very very annoying, it's a barrel connector, so it's not a proprietary charger.  You can see right there, versus with satechi you get a usb-C and it brings an 18 watt fast charger, and again both of these products actually bring all the necessary plugs,  so depending on if you're in the USA, in Europe or any other part of the world.  it brings all the different plugs that plug into the wall. this one just happens to be USB-C, sothe Satechi apple wireless charging pad is a little more universa. But the Nomad apple wireless charging pad's  barrel charger which is a little bit annoying.
wireless charging and led lamp
So both of them charge all the devices at the same speed, it's just a matter of the Nomad is a little bit finicky when it comes to charging all three of them. The Satechi wireless charging pad has an obvious designation for all three spots, 
So it's totally up to you at that point. I just wanted to show off both of them if I were to choose when they were both the same exact price,  I'd probably go to the satechi one as my one go-to for all three, so let's go back to the normal view.
So all in all my opinion, I would probably go towards the satechi one because like i said, it gives you designated spots to actually charge each of them.  Versus the nomad one, you guys saw me fiddling with it literally on screen like in this video that happens to me pretty often on a weekly basis, i would say once a week i would basically wake up with my phone not being charged because i didn't put it at the right spot.
So i would probably go with this a touchy one especially if they're the same exact price. but in terms of quality, the nomad one is just as good especially if you just do the iphone and the apple watch, i've never had an issue when it comes to charging in that area, but again it is a three in one supposedly, it's just a surface area is a little bit small and you have to pretty much put it exactly on the coil for it to work,  and then with the airpods pro, it's even tougher to find,  so i like the fact that on the satechi one there's a little like divot that lets you put the airpods pro on there and you saw that it even worked with a case on both of them.
All of them still provide fast charging when even when all three of them were being charged at the same time. Hopefully this helps somebody out make a decision if they're deciding between one of these three,  they're both great options but i would lean a little bit more towards the satechi one than the nomad one.  Guys but that's just me, so hopefully for those people I want to see a little something a little bit different, this kind of quenched your throats for that but that's going to do it for this review don't forget to like comment subscribe and until next time!


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