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iPhone 12 Buyer's Guide and Top 12 Most concerned issues about iPhone 12

For the first time ever, Apple has released four new iPhone models,  now including the iphone 12 mini. So i can say with absolute certainty that it's never been this hard to decide which iphone you should actually buy, especially since we also have the 400usd iphone SE, that's still a great deal.  So what i'm gonna do in this article is show you guys the real world differences and recommend each iphone for different use cases, helping you decide which iphone you should buy.  But before i get into the buyer's guide, i want to go through 12 different issues that you must be aware of, so you can avoid them when buying a new iphone. 

so let's get started  

NO.1:  Don't buy the iPhone 12 pro models!

Thinking that you need them for the best 5G coverage, the fact is that the regular iphone 12 and even the 12 mini have the same 5g support including, millimeter wave 5g and everything else like wi-fi 6.
So don't spend the extra cash on the pro if that's all you really care about.
 Wireless charging station iphone 12 and apple watch 6

NO. 2 Buying the iPhone 12 mini without considering the battery life impact.

The iPhone 12 is super small in fact, smaller than the iphone 6. So if you really care about battery life, I would steer away from the mini model and just pay a hundred dollars more for the larger iphone 12.
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NO.3 Buying the iPhone 12 pro models.

Thinking you need them for the better display, water resistance or the thinner design, what's really shocking this year is that the regular iPhone 12 gets the same exact super retina xdr display with 1200 nits of peak brightness and the same crazy good 460 pixels per inch,  the only downside is that in typical usage it's limited to 625 nits compared to 800.  That's it and in terms of water resistance, the regular iphone 12 models get IP68 at 6 meters for up to 30 minutes,  exactly the same resistance as the pro models,  which wasn't the case last year. 
Since the iphone 11 only had 2 meters of IP68 and what's even more surprising is that the regular iPhone 12 models have the exact same thickness as the pro models,  7.4 millimeters which wasn't the case last year.  Since the iPhone 11 was really thick at 8.3 millimeters
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NO.4: Buying the iphone 12 pro if you want the absolute best camera quality 

The iphone 12 pro max gets massive camera improvements including a much better main camera sensor,  that is 47% larger and improves low light by a huge 87%. It also gets the brand new sensor shift stabilization feature which is going to make for super smooth video and sharp photos. It gets an improved telephoto lens with a longer 65 millimeter zoom, compared to 52 on the 12 pro.  So definitely buy the 12 pro max if you want the absolute best camera quality and it's great that it's only a hundred dollars more.
 iphone 12 pro max buying guide

NO. 5: Larger Storage upgrade for 50usd

If you're planning on buying one of the regular iphone 12 models, don't miss out on the crazy good value storage upgrade for only 50 dollars more.  You get double the storage up to 128G, which is a must if you take a lot of photos and video. i currently have the 11 pro max with only 64G of storage, and it's nowhere near enough,  so i definitely recommend that 50 upgrade for the regular models.

NO. 6: Buying the iPhone 11 pro model for less cash?

The iphone 12 is out and my answer is a very strong NO, even if you can find the 11 pro brand new for 800USD. Absolutely 100usd more buy the regular iPhone 12 model instead because it's got almost all the same features like the OLED display, but it gets even better camera quality!  It's got much better cellular service. It's quite a lot thinner and it's got the new design with the flat sides, which should be staying around for the next few years.  So even though it's missing a couple of features like the telephoto lens, absolutely buy the regular iphone 12 instead of the 11 pro.

NO. 7: Buying Third party wireless chargers for the iphone 12 lineup?

You might not know this but only branded charges from apple and other companies like belkin get the new 15 watt fast wireless charging, and on top of that,  these new chargers support the cool magsafe magnetic feature, so you can actually use your phone While it's wirelessly charging,  the issue with other third-party chargers is that if you don't get the placement perfect,  you might wake up to a battery that hasn't charged at all and magsafe solves that, Magnet wireless chargers from SINReGeek are reliable, they focus on wireless chargers; OEM ODM from the year 2013, provide one-stop solution service for some famous mobile electronic accessories brands, they also have channels sale to end-user, please check the below links to get more accessories for your new iPhone 12, includes magetic wireless chargers.

NO. 8 Can i can a third-party case for my iPhone 12?

This one, we also has to do with magsafe and if you're interested in that feature,  do not buy a regular or common third party case.  
Apple added extra magnets into all of their new cases because there's a good chance that the magnetic connection isn't going to be strong enough to hold on to other accessories if you use a basic case.  So if you want to buy one of the new magsafe adapters or even third-party accessories like a magnetic pop socket,  buy a high quality apple branded magsafe case,  but if you don't really care about that, i'm gonna have a couple of great case options down below.

NO. 9: Larger RAM of iPhone 12 Pro

This one hasn't really been confirmed yet, but according to a bunch of leaks, including leaked benchmarks, there's a good chance that the iPhone 12 pro models will actually come with six gigabytes of ram, while the regular 12 models only get four.  For some people, this is a deal-breaking feature if the pros actually get 6 gigs,  making it more than worth paying extra for the pro models. In my experience, 4 gigabytes of ram on the 11 pro just isn't enough because apps like facebook would randomly close on me, so double check the ram to confirm before you buy!

NO. 10: Where to buy the power adaptors for iPhone 12 series?

if you need a new charging brick, due to apple taking it out of the box,  you can choose to buy apple's 20 watt power brick, the main problem is the expensive price. But you can also select one from amazon, where you can find a lots of useful and cheaper brands. 
 magsafe wireless charger

NO. 11:  Unlock or locked, which one is better?

If you're using verizon or T-cellular service, be sure to actually choose those options during checkout instead of buying it: Unlocked since it'll save you 30 dollars on the regular iphone 12 models, and if you notice this, little bit of fine print only the AT&T models are actually locked, so verizon users have no reason at all to choose the sim free version.  So don't do that on accident or you're going to be paying an extra 30 dollars for nothing!

NO. 12 Should i buy iphone 12 now or One year later?

if you're not planning on spending at least a thousand dollars for a new iphone, don't wait until next year to upgrade. Thinking that you're gonna get features like 120 hertz promotion that feature is almost certainly only coming on the pro models.  In my opinion, i think there's going to be even less of a difference next year compared to everything we got with this year's regular iphone 12 . 

Buyers Guide of iPhone 12

Let's get into the buyer's guide portion and i'm going to start with the iphone SE which is priced at 399usd.  This phone is really meant for three different kinds of people: 
  • NO. 1 is for people who want a fast budget iphone, like people switching from an android phone;
  • NO.2  is for kids or teens,  since the size is small and the price is very low;
  • NO.3  is for non-tech enthusiasts who are upgrading from an older iphone
Since the iPhone SE is very familiar with the home button and touch id and upgrading gets you a fresh battery, and a new fast performing chip,  now moving on to the iphone 12 mini,  these are the people who should be buying this phone.  If you want an iphone 12 for the new design,  the great camera quality 5g and other features like magsafe,  You want to get it for the absolute lowest price, you've gotta go with the mini since it's 699 dollars. 
On top of that,  if you're someone who really loved the smaller iphones like the iphone 4, you're gonna love the 12 mini since it's so small.  So it's great for people with smaller hands and the best part is that the feature set is identical to the regular iphone 12.  So the only downside is lower battery life due to the smaller size.
Now for the regular 6.1 inch iphone 12,  i think it's gonna be the star of the show,  because it packs an incredible amount of value compared to the pro models,  just like i said before, the iphone 12 absolutely destroys the 11 pro and in terms of value it easily beats out the iphone 12 pro as well. 
In fact the 12 pro literally only gets 8 advantages:
  • The stainless steel sides
  • The telephoto camera 800 nits typical brightness on the display compared to 625,  The lidar scanner potentially
  • Six gigs of ram, 128 gigs of storage instead of 64.
  • The apple pro raw feature which isn't available yet, and dolby vision recording at 60 frames per second instead of 30.
  • That's it because of that, i think most people looking at the iphone 12 pro should just go for the regular 12, since you could save 200 or 150usd If you want to get the same 128 gigs of storage on the iphone 12. 
  • We recently ran a poll asking people which iphone 12 model they're going to buy, and the 12 pro was by far the least popular option and that's because it barely improves on the regular iphone 12.


Moving on i'm actually going to skip ahead to

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Who should be buying the iPhone 12 pro max.

Before i finish off with the regular 12 pro,  first off the 12 pro max gets the absolute best camera performance on any iPhone, with a much better main camera sensor,  that's larger and it gets the new sensor shift stabilization feature and of course the longer telephoto lens for better zoom shots. So if you really care about camera quality,  buy the iphone 12 pro max for sure.  we'll be testing the camera differences very soon,   we ran most people wanted the max model and I can guarantee you it's because of the camera improvements, other reasons to go for the pro max are of course the massive 6.7 inch display for immersive media consumption and gaming.  You're also getting the best battery life due to the larger size and of course you're getting the other advantages like potentially six gigs of ram and the lidar scanner, so if you're considering buying the iphone 12 pro, just go for the pro max instead because you really get a lot of camera improvements for the extra hundred dollars.
Of course not everyone wants the massive pro max,  so let's finish off with:

Who should actually buy the iPhone 12 pro?

 If you care about camera quality and you really really want that telephoto lens and other features like pro raw the lidar scanner and things like that, but the pro max is simply way too big for your hands, then sure go for the iPhone 12 pro.  But other than that, there are really only three reasons why anyone should buy the 12 pro over the less expensive iphone 12 model.
  • The first reason is if you really care about ram.  since the iphone 12 pro models are most likely coming with six gigs compared to four and to some people that's a deal breaker. 
  • The second reason is if you really enjoy the feel of the premium stainless steel band compared to aluminum, and if that difference is worth it for you, then get the pro .
  • The final reason is if you're a T-mobile customer like myself who has to pay an extra 30 dollars for the regular iphone 12 and you also really want at least 128 gigs of storage, at that point the difference in price is only 120 dollars, which could be worth it for the few bonus features you get on the pro. 
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