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2020 Best qi wireless phone charger car mount

2020 fast wireless charging car mount

Do we really need a wireless phone charger car mount?

It is a problem for some drivers. Actually, Every car should have a safe way to hold a phone. But How to find the best smart wireless phone charger car mount? It is a problem for lots of people. We are always been told that you should not use a mobile phone while driving at all. But in reality, for many drivers, it’s the source for navigation, information, messages, music, and (of course) phone calls. However, if you hold the phone in your hand as you drive—or look down at it in a cupholder or center-console bin—it can also be a major distraction and safety risk. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says “fatal crash risk is 66 percent higher when using a mobile phone during driving” and that it “was a contributing factor in more than 800 crash deaths on U.S. roads during 2017.” That's terrible! Here we will analysis some of the new cell phone car mount wireless charger, which combines wireless charging and phone holder 2 in 1.

What's the advantages of wireless car charging mount?

Actually, A good smartphone mount can greatly reduce those risks by holding your phone steady, where you can easily see the screen and access on-screen buttons without blocking your view or forcing you to take your eyes off the road for too long. More Over, we need to charge our phones during the driving to keep the mobiles powered. With the wireless charger car mount automatic clamping at dash level, using it becomes more like operating a car radio, which has little effect on driving performance or crash risk. We’d hedge that a bit—phone use while driving is still a distraction—but clearly, placement matters, and a good mount makes the inevitable phone use less dangerous.
If you want to use your smartphone while driving—to get directions, play music, or take phone calls—A good wireless smartphone car charging mount will hold your phone steady in a convenient place while you drive—without blocking your view of the road, and is much safer than, say, holding a phone in your hand or having to look down at a cupholder or dash bin. Wireless charging mounts, like the one we review from sinregeek in this guide, offer the added convenience of charging Qi-compatible phones while you drive.

What kind of wireless charging car mount do you need?

Depending on your car’s dash design, as well as your personal preferences, you’ll need to decide two things: whether to get a dash/windshield wireless car mount or a car Air vent mount charging mount, and whether to get a tension-grip cradle or a magnetic grip for the phone. Let's have a look each of their advantages and disadvantages, and you can know which cell phone car mount wireless charger will be your choice.
Dash/windshield mounts: This type of mount attaches to the windshield or the top of the dash, generally with a suction cup and/or an adhesive pad. This places your phone close to your normal line of sight while you’re driving and doesn’t block your view of, or access to, the dashboard and its controls. Keep in mind that some states have laws about where you’re allowed to place devices on the windshield.
 dashboard wireless charging car mount
Vent mounts: These models slip onto the slats of your car’s climate-control air vents. However, they can block air from the vent or, depending on the car, access to some dash controls. Vent mounts tend to be a bit less sturdy than dash mounts, although it depends on the combination of car, mount, and phone. Sometimes they can weigh down the slats, too, which can affect your view of the screen. And we’ve heard a few reports of vent mounts breaking a vent’s slats, although we’ve never encountered this problem.
Tension-grip cradles: This type of mount physically grips your phone to hold it in place, usually with arms that extend and contract from the side. Some of them also have a third arm extending from the bottom for added support. The best cradles expand to fit any size handset, close securely around your phone, and let you install or remove a phone quickly with one hand.
Magnetic: Compared with using a tension-grip design, attaching or removing your phone from a magnetic mount is even quicker and easier. You just hold your phone near the mount, and, when it’s properly aligned, the magnet will “grab” it and hold it in place.It will start wireless charging your iphone or other qi-enabled mobile phones immeditely. Similarly, you simply pull the phone off to remove it. And don’t worry: These magnets won’t hurt your phone, and they’re often just as stable and secure as a tension-arm design.
Infrared sensor car charger:automatic wireless mobile phone charger car mount infrared sensor clamp is another choice to wireless charge the phone during the driving.
Leading 15W Qi Fast car phone charger
If your phone is not wireless charging compatible, It is ok if you attach a thin metal plate to the phone or its case (inside or outside), so the magnet has something to hold onto. To align with the magnets in conventional, noncharging car phone mounts, the plate is typically placed in the center of the phone’s rear side. But this location can interfere with wireless chargers. If your phone is qi compatible, the magnetic wireless car charging mount will have special design with the metal plates, most of them are round shape magnetics around the charging coil, which won't affect the charging at all.
Other considerations: Unlike regular phone mounts for cars, wireless charging car mount models need to be plugged into a vehicle’s 12-volt outlet (aka cigarette lighter) to provide juice to the phone, and this could affect where you place it. For most cars, a mount in the center area of the dash would be closer to the outlet, while one mounted in the left corner of the dash or windshield—an otherwise popular location—would mean draping the cord over the steering column or routing it under the dash (if it’s long enough). Alternatively, you could hard-wire the mount to the car’s fuse box, either by doing it yourself (if you’re comfortable enough with car wiring) or taking the vehicle to a car-audio installer.
Although wireless charging mounts are handy, don’t expect them to charge your phone at the same rate as a wired charger. The fastest wired chargers can get recent phones up to about 50 percent in only half an hour, while the models we tested here had less than half that speed. That said, most of the mounts we tested come with a separate USB adapter that’s plugged in to a car’s 12-volt outlet, so you can swap it for one with higher amperage if you want to optimize your wireless charging speed. 
Here we picked some of the different wireless car chargers, which with different designs and function.Sinregeek is a new but fast growing brands in mobile phone accessories, especially in wireless chargers including home and in-car use. They have own R&D team, focus on wireless charging products from the year 2014, which is very professional and focus.
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