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Unboxing Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger For iPhone 12, 12 MINI, Pro Max

Hi everyone, This is Apple's brand new magsafe charger,  let's go ahead and unbox it.
On the back of the box,  you can see that it's USB-C and they show the 20 Watt adapter. USB-C  to your AC wall adapter, I have one from the ipad pro here, but any USB-C adapter will work.  Now let's go ahead and open it up. Pull the tab here set that aside, we'll open it up here and see what we've got.  So inside it says designed by Apple in california.  There are some papers in the box here, literature see, it has safety and handling regulatory, compliance information and then a warranty summary and just that's really,  it no apple  stickers or anything like that,  so it says designed by apple in california.  We'll open it up and you can see that you've got USB-C with a coiled cable to your magsafe adapter, so let's  go ahead and take this out.
magsafe charger review
So for forty dollars it will charge at 15 watts or 7.5 watts, if you don't have one of the iphone 12s.  You can see here's the wireless adapter and  so it's just a piece of aluminum with i believe plastic but it sort of has a grippy feel on it. 
Then i believe it's a one meter cable so it's not terribly long,  so that's probably something i'd like to see a little bit longer on this, especially since you may need to snake this around a little way,  but either way ,let's take a look at it now. This should have a  ring of magnets around it to adhere to the back of the iphone 12, 12 pro, 12 mini and 12 pro max.  
iphone 12 charger review
It's just a ring of magnets that should hold it to something, now it is magnetic, let's see if it  sticks to say something like a tin here and it will stick, but you'll see it falls right off so, I'm not sure how hard this will adhere to the back of an iphone, but you probably will  have to disconnect it, so that's something that may be a disadvantage but using this, you will be able to probably use your phone while charging it,  so i guess that's an advantage as well. Now a lot of people want to know what else can you charge with this,  so we know you can charge the iphone 12 lineup, but apple says that you can charge the iphone 11  all the way back to the iphone 8,  so basically any qi compatible wireless charging iphone as well as Airpods or Airpods pro with the wireless charging case, so let me go ahead and plug it in and it will charge at 15 watts if you're using the newest iphone 12 lineups or 7.5 watts at least.
iphone 12 magsafe charger
According to what looks like,  apple's wording on their website,  if you're using it for anything else, so you'll plug it into this and then plug it in,  I'm going to plug it into a computer since  that won't reach the wall from where i'm sitting, so i've plugged in the magsafe charger and here's  an iphone 8,  let's go ahead and place it on the back and you'll see that it charges instantly, now it doesn't adhere to the back,  you can just move it around no problem,  it's not stuck there, but it will charge your iphone 8 or newer,  Again with the iphone 11 pro max should stick it right on the back there and it begins to charge instantly, so it will charge any of your iphone. 
So it's a nice charger that way now,  the only one that it probably won't be a problem for, if you set it down and then you want to take your phone off of it without the magnet staying adhered to, it is the new charger duo that they announced that's not out yet,  so if you plug that on there,  it charges and  it looks like it sticks to the back of the iphone a little bit,  but i think that's suction from this  the back of this as well,  so it's not magnets holding it or maybe it is it's on there ever so slightly, so maybe it is magnetic to the back of the iphone 11 pro max and you'll see if i just shake it,  it falls off .  So it's not on there very tight now, apple says the new magsafe adapter is compatible with not only wireless charging iphones but also Airpods and Airpods pro with the wireless charging cases, so i'll place my Airpods pro on the magsafe adapter and it begins to charge immediately, so it doesn't adhere to it magnetically or anything but it will charge them, charge the case and the Airpods inside and then also because it's qi compatible,  it should work with third-party phones as well so here's a pixel 5.  We'll go ahead and place it on the back, it has qi compatible wireless charging and as soon as i place it on the back, it begins to charge, and so the interesting thing is it seems like it's stuck to the back of the pixel 5 and the  pixel 5 is aluminum and it's sticking probably to the coils inside,  so it's on there pretty good. You just have to shake it hard to get it to fall off,  let's see if it's actually holding on the back of the iphone 8 and 11 pro max the same way, so it does stick to the back of other phones and it looks like it sticks to the 11 pro max and centers itself,  it's charging now as you can see  and it will stay there when you pick it up,  so if i set it down, pick it up, it sticks,  but if i shake it,  it just falls off,  so it's not on there super tight but it looks like it sticks there magnetically and it does help center it a little bit on the 11 pro max as well,  so we've got that  with the eight like i said same thing and it's sticking there as well as you can see, but it falls right off and other phones as well, it doesn't seem to stick so much to the Airpods pro though,  now some have asked will the new magsafe adapter work with the apple watch and No!  It won't because Apple did not use a standard wireless charging method when they designed it,  or at least not standard anyone else,  so you can't just put it on this  and let it charge,  you'll need your adapter that came with your watch in order to charge it,  so it won't work with this but it will work with the new duo charger once that releases a little bit later,  Apple did not give a date for that though.  
iphone 12 magsafe charger
So any qi compatible wireless charging device that  you have can charge off the new magsafe connector, and i think it's really nice.  It's very convenient, small, very apple like design, wise minimal ,and i do like it a lot,  but again, it's forty dollars so you will need to pick one up at that cost now also you'll need something to charge it with like this  AC wall adapter to USB-C, So that's going to be an extra expense as well they're about twenty dollars from apple,  so you'll need that if you don't  already have one from your iphone 11 pro or 11 pro max,  or you didn't purchase one separately.  So if you don't have that and you get it from Apple, it's going to be about sixty dollars for the pair, so just keep that in mind if you do want one now ! 
Other than that,  that's about it it's pretty simple and straightforward,  but let me know what you think about it in the comments below, If you think the Original Apple Magsafe wireless charger is too expensive, Of course, we have some third-party brands' magnetic wireless chargers to you, please check the below charging pad for iphone 12 lineups from sinregeek, which have a early bird price of 29usd now 
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