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Can I use the MagSafe charger for my iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Can I use the new Magsafe wireless charger to charge my iPhone 11? The answer is: YES!  But  I have some bad news, because of this for me personally, this thing is going to be a lot less useful than I expected.  It might be for you as well.  Now we all know that because of this new magsafe charger, the iphone 12s can finally fast charge wirelessly at 15 watts,  which is fantastic.  But along with that, this supports standard qi charging, it could support a variety of devices, just like Apple lists on their website. Now today this morning, I plugged it into my Mac pro display xdr which has usb type C, I went ahead and set down my iPhone 11 pro max on top, it started charging like usual, everything is going just fine now,  10 minutes later, I go ahead and I pick up my phone and to my surprise,  their percentage only went up by two percent and yes , it was aligned perfectly like many of you out there,  I'm expecting 7.5 watts out of this charger that's what multiple tech websites said , and that's a standard for a 10w 15w qi charger , and that's exactly what the iphone 11 pro will accept.
iPhone 12 MagSafe Accessories
So out of my curiosity, I went ahead and purchased a well-rated charging app and ran one of the many tests that i'm going to mention. My first result was 2.98 watts now,  I was expecting 7.5w and at 2.98w,  that means it takes 4 minutes to charge this phone by one percent!  Now at the same time, I noticed a few things , the first was that, my phone was already pretty charged,  so I thought maybe it is limiting my wireless charging,  because my battery is pretty well charged already. And the second thing is, you know i'm plugging into my MAC Pro display xdr, maybe it's not able to provide the full wattage that this new charger needs, it does say on the box that you need a 20 watt USB  Type C charger,  not the 18 watts. So I decided to fix  both of these issues right away! 
grabbed a 20 watt  adapter plugged in the new magsafe charger and picked up my iPhone SE aligned it perfectly and started my test.  After about 10 minutes,  I got my result and it was a shockingly low , 1.8 watts ! 
Magsafe charge the iPhone 11 Pro Max
Now surely this can't be right, this phone can accept 7.5 watts and it's completely cool and the battery is almost dead!  So it should be able to accept the whole 7.5 watts from the charger, right?  That's when i grabbed my really cheap charging stand by the way,  put my iPhone SE on top of here and test it again, and I got a shocking 8.4 watts! Taking an average of just 39 seconds for each percentage point gained, compared to three minutes! !
magsafe charging speed test
I gotta say I couldn't believe this, so I tested again with the Magsafe charger, making sure that it is perfectly aligned.  This time i got an even lower 1.49 watts!   After this, I did a bunch of testing, I grabbed an iPhone XS, and used a different coil. To make sure, I also tested out my SamSung Note 20 and I took my Mophie charger that apple has been selling since launch,  and the results were interesting now.  I don't know about you, but I wasn't only planning to charge my iphone 12 with this charger. I want to replace multiple chargers, I have in my house with these new ones, so I can fast charge my new iphone 12s, and then at the same time, i could toss my Airpods on here, I can toss other devices such as Android phones or older iPhones, because these things are so much nicer sleeker, smaller and better looking. 
iPhone SE charged by Mophie
I have a few standard ones like this mophie, so i tested the iphone SE on it and it got 5.5 watts, just a bit shy of 7.5  and my iphone 11 pro max got 7.14 watts, despite being pretty well charged over 80, going back to the magsafe charger ,  continue to get between 2-3 watts charging the iphone 11 pro max with the 20 watt brick, just like I did when it was connected to my pro display xdr, and no more than two watts on the iphone SE, going as low as 0.96 watts which is insane!  
wireless charging speed of iPhone SE Mophie
My iPhone XS was also between 1 - 3 watts on magsafe instead of 7.5 watts. 
next it was time to test out the Note 20,  which can accept 15 watt fast charging, but I didn't expect magsafe to offer that here, since obviously it's designed for the iphone 12, but i was hoping for at least 7.5W.  i couldn't find the same app but i found one that read the amps coming in and instead of getting about 1.3 from my cheap qi charger, i got about a 10 of that with constant disconnects, even though it was aligned perfectly. That means that instead of taking 3.5hours to charge with 7.5watts , it would take 13 hours or longer on the Note 20 ultra and between 6-12 hours for iphones!! 
 Charge Airpods Pro By Magsafe
Now it's planning to charge a variety of devices with this magsafe charger. Even though I know it won't magnetically align like it will with the iphone 12.  And one of those devices are my Airpods pros, now these things take roughly 3hours to charge with a cheap qi charger, but if you decide to use your magsafe charger and it maxes out at those 3watts i saw, it will take roughly five hours and if it runs at just 1watt like i saw at times with the iphone SE,  that means it will take 15hours to charge your Airpods compared to just  two hours plugging them in with standard lightning cable ! 
 charge speed of magsafe on iPhone X
So what did we learn?  well, first of all, don't expect the magsafe charger to give you 7.5 watts of charging, that you typically will use a need for an iphone 8 or an iphone SE,X,XS ,11,  all of those devices or even the five watts that the Airpod pros are designed to work with. I know multiple people have mentioned this in comments websites, are mentioning this and that's just what you would expect, because that's what the other iphones allow and that's what most qi chargers will give you. I don't know why this is, but in reality, we're getting less than half the wattage from this new magsafe charger, and at times maybe eight times less than what i would expect plugging into one of these devices. 
Magsafe Charging test
That's a bummer if you were like me, and you wanted to swap a few of your wireless chargers to a nice new sleek thin magsafe charger, so it takes up less room and it looks sleeker, that would give you the ability to have magsafe for your iphone 12 and you can fast charge your iphone 12, but then at the same time,  you can drop down an android phone or maybe somebody else in your family, your spouse or your kids have older iphones that have wireless charging, they can also come in. you know pop it on like that and get wireless charging as well , well that's not a good idea unless you really don't like whoever  else is going to be using this charger, and you want to give them say roughly 6 wireless charging in half hour of charge time,  which is really frustrating.  you definitely don't  want to replace your other wireless chargers or charge other devices and things like Airpods on them. 
Magsafe Charging test of iPhone SE
Now to point out, the Apple never said that this thing can output 7.5 watts, so they're not technically lying about anything,  but they are giving us a list of iphones that are supported which are all of the wirelessly charging iphones, so i wish they would disclose how slow of a charge you're gonna get. if you actually decide to wirelessly charge those devices with this new magsafe charger,  in my opinion, it really shouldn't be advertised for it . because it is just too dam slow pretty much!
 which mobile phones can use magsafe charger
Let me know your thoughts about these new magsafe chargers, were you expecting them to put out at least 7.5 watts if you're spending 40 bucks on the charger?  potentially another 20 on a 20 watt usb type-c power brick, i think 7.5 watts is really the standard these days or even three four years ago.  so for me, this is a huge bummer and that means that i still have to keep my previous wireless chargers which i didn't want to do, and that means the magsafe chargers are really only useful for the iphone 12s and at that point, i might as well just keep my lightning cable there to fast charge that device and then use the slower wireless charging for a bunch of other devices, or just for convenience .
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