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iphone 12 OEM Magnetic wireless charging made by Chinese factory

iPhone 12 OEM Magnetic wireless charging made by a Chinese factory

Recently, the iPhone 12's support for magnetic wireless charging has triggered heated discussions. In particular, as the suspected iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging & receiving module and the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging protective case were successively exposed, the previous speculation was further confirmed.
magnetic charging
Although Apple officially has not disclosed any product information to the outside world, for domestic companies, whether it is chip manufacturers, solution providers, or wireless charging factories, they have done a lot of preparations in this regard. Recently, wireless520 has got a magnetic wireless charging solution for iPhone 12 developed by Chinese engineers.
This iPhone 12 OEM magnetic wireless charging solution uses iPhone 11 Pro as a demonstration model to show everyone the process of magnetic wireless charging to charge mobile phones. When the iPhone 11 Pro is close to the magnetic wireless charging, the phone can be accurately paired with the wireless charging under the action of magnetic force, and successfully enter the wireless charging mode. When you need to use a mobile phone, you can also easily remove the mobile phone from a magnetic wireless charger.
iphone 12 magnetic charging
Judging from the pictures revealed, this self-developed iphone 12 pro max magnetic wireless charger consists of a wireless charging transmitter module and a magnet on the outer ring. The wireless charging part adopts a single-coil structure, which is similar to a conventional Qi standard wireless charger; the outer ring is arranged in a circular array by 26 circular magnets, and is positioned by a plastic frame to prevent adjacent magnets from sticking together due to magnetic force.
At the same time, a ring-shaped magnet is attached to the back of the iPhone 11 Pro phone, and the hollowed-out position is the wireless charging receiving coil of the phone. In this way, the magnetic attraction function is realized without hindering the wireless charging function.
OEM iphone 12 wireless maggnetic charging
Through the working process of this self-developed project sample, to achieve magnetic wireless charging, you need the phone's built-in magnet or the phone's built-in iron ring to achieve the magnetic attraction function. As the release of the iPhone 12 approaches, we will wait and see.
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