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iPhone 12 adopts new magnetic wireless charging, the traditional market may be shuffled

Apple iPhone 12 will use a new wireless charging design

According to the rumor news, the iPhone 12 be released this year will have 4 models and 10 versions, namely iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The entire series of mobile phones are equipped with an A14 processor based on a 5nm process and support 5G networks. It is worth mentioning that the latest breaking news shows that Apple will adopt a new wireless charging scheme in the iPhone 12 series models.

iphone 12 magnetic wireless charger

Revelation pictures obtained from the Internet show that there is a ring of magnets on the back of the iPhone 12 prototype, with a total of 36 magnets, and the "NSNS" magnetic poles are arranged in a staggered arrangement. This means that Apple is preparing to enable the magnetic wireless charging scheme in the iPhone12 series models. And the magnetic wireless charging scheme has been applied for patent protection; in terms of power, Apple will probably support wireless charging up to 15W this time.

In fact, it is not the first time that magnetic wireless charging technology has been used on Apple devices. Products such as Apple Watch and Apple Pencil use this method for wireless charging. The difference is that the charging power of these two products is relatively small, while the wireless charging power of the mobile phone is much larger.
At the same time, magnets are also a very common component in Apple devices. For example, Apple has inserted as many as 102 small magnets in the new iPad Pro, but its main purpose is not to wirelessly charge, but to make the iPad It can be accurately aligned with other accessories such as a protective cover, Apple Pencil, Smart Connector keyboard, and achieve close coordination.

The advantages of magnetic wireless charging solutions

Speaking of the advantages of magnetic wireless charging solutions, friends who have used Apple Watch should have a deep understanding. When charging Apple Watch, they can always pair with the wireless charger very easily and accurately. In contrast to the mainstream mobile phone wireless charging solutions on the market, accurate positioning between the transmitter and the receiver has always been a headache. If the position of the mobile phone slightly deviates, the charging efficiency may drop significantly, which not only affects the charging speed but also causes energy loss and hot phone charging.
Apple uses 36 magnets and a staggered arrangement in the iPhone 12 this time, which can accurately locate and pair the mobile phone and the wireless charger through the attractive force of the magnets, thereby entering a more efficient wireless charging state. At the same time, the magnet can also be used to ensure that the mobile phone will not be displaced due to vibration during the wireless charging process, and it will be in the best charging state in real-time, improving the user experience. Of course, Apple will also develop a new wireless charger accessory for this.
iphone 12 wireless charger with magnetic
According to the disassembly data of the Apple Watch Charger, in addition to the wireless charging coil inside the Apple Watch magnetic wireless charger, a strong magnet is placed in the center. Its main function is to accurately locate and maintain a close fit with the Apple Watch to avoid coil misalignment. The resulting decrease in charging efficiency.
The adoption of magnetic wireless charging solutions can not only solve the problem of charging alignment, but also play an important role in educating users. Because wireless charging is the future trend, and Apple's goal is also very clear, is to let users get rid of the shackles of charging cables as soon as possible, and finally realize the non-porous design of mobile phones.
Of course, Apple did the same. Starting from the first wireless charging phone released in 2017, Apple spent 3 years telling consumers with 10 models that they can use wireless chargers to charge iPhones. Now it seems that the tasks of the first stage have been completed, so the next step is to educate users on how to accurately and efficiently charge mobile phones wirelessly. In the second stage, the magnetic wireless charging solution has become the best choice.

What problems will the magnetic wireless charging solution bring?

At present, the mainstream wireless charging schemes on the market are mostly based on the Qi standard of the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance. Although many existing high-power wireless charging protocols are beyond the scope of the Qi standard, they do not violate the Qi standard in principle. It exists in a compatible form.
On the other hand, Apple's new magnetic wireless charging solution launched on the iPhone 12 is more or less in conflict with the existing mainstream Qi wireless charging solution. The most important one is compatibility. Is the magnetic wireless charging solution of the iPhone 12 compatible with the Qi standard? How to ensure that the Qi wireless charger charges the iPhone 12 normally without triggering the foreign object detection function(FOD)? and many more. These questions may only get accurate answers after the iPhone 12 is on the market.3. What problems will the magnetic wireless charging solution bring?

The traditional wireless charging industry may be shuffled

If iPhone 12 adopts a new magnetic wireless charging solution, the traditional wireless charging industry will inevitably be reshuffled.
It is foreseeable that the existing traditional Qi-standard wireless charger will not be compatible with the magnetic wireless charging of the new iPhone12. This is a huge challenge for all wireless charging chip factories, solution providers and manufacturing plants that rely on iPhone wireless charging accessories. Who are the stock products sold to? Where is future development? How can we break through Apple's technical barriers?
At the same time, the magnetic wireless charging scheme will also have a big impact on the current car wireless charger market with many application scenarios. On the one hand, there is compatibility issues, and on the other hand,because of the magnetic, The wireless charging stand will no longer need an additional design of a clamping device, it can be fixed by the magnet that comes with the phone and the stand. The original car wireless charger designs and market structure will undergo major changes.
In addition, there is the mobile phone protective cover market, because for magnetic wireless charging, the traditional mobile phone protective cover will reduce the magnetic strength, thereby affecting the alignment accuracy. Therefore, after the iPhone 12 is equipped with a magnetic wireless charging function, the mobile phone protective case with magnetic suction function is expected to become a hot-selling product in the market.
Of course, Apple's activation of the magnetic wireless charging solution on the iPhone 12 will have far more impact on the traditional wireless charging industry than the above points.

Magnets will usher in panic buying

As the iPhone 12 adopts a brand-new magnetic wireless charging solution, third-party wireless chargers must be compatible with the new iPhone wireless charging function. This will directly lead to a huge demand for magnets in the wireless charging market.
At the same time, I look back at the increase in the price of NPO capacitors caused by the launch of Apple’s first wireless charging mobile phone iPhone8 series in 2017. It is foreseeable that this year after Apple deploys magnetic suction wireless charging, it will directly cause panic buying of magnets, and the magnet industry will also usher in a peak of orders.


Looking back at the industry's development trajectory, Apple's every move has always been the industry's vane. I clearly remember the scene when Apple's mobile phone was equipped with wireless charging technology for the first time in 2017. The wireless charging industry, which has been silent for many years, has revived overnight and is full of vitality. After years of market education, users have understood and begun to accept the wireless charging function of mobile phones, and Apple has also begun its next step.
Apple’s redesign of the wireless charging function of the iPhone 12 series on the one hand is to inject fresh impetus into the wireless charging market and drive the technological innovation of the entire industry; on the other hand, it will officially open the shuffle mode of the traditional wireless charging market. For upstream and downstream companies in the third-party wireless charging accessories industry chain, challenges and opportunities coexist.
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