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8 things you must know about iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging(All you want to know is here)

The launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 series is getting closer and closer. Both consumers and industry professionals are paying more and more attention to this product. The magnetic wireless charging function of the iPhone 12 has been widely discussed recently. The SinreGeek has also exposed the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging and receiving module and the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging protective case. There is ample evidence that it has become an established fact that Apple’s iPhone 12 comes standard with magnetic wireless charging.

There are more or less questions about the magnetic charging of the iPhone 12 wireless charging. SinReGeek collects and organizes and shares a few things you must know about iPhone 12 magnetic suction wireless charging.

1. What is a magnetic wireless charging?

iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging can be simply understood as adding a circle of magnets to the original wireless charging. The attractive force of the magnet allows the phone and the wireless charger to be accurately positioned and paired, thus entering a more efficient wireless charging state.
In fact, magnetic wireless charging technology is not the first use in Apple devices, such as Apple Watch, Apple Pencil and other products that are wireless charging in this way. The difference is that the charging power of these two products is relatively small, while the magnetic wireless charging power used by the iPhone 12 is much larger.
In addition to accurate alignment, magnetic wireless charging can also ensure that the mobile phone will not be displaced due to vibration during the wireless charging process, and it will be in the best charging state in real-time, improving the user experience.

2. What is the purpose of Apple's push for magnetic wireless charging?

From the user's point of view, the most personally felt change is that magnetic wireless charging makes charging more convenient and reliable, mobile phone charging efficiency is higher, faster, and mobile phone heats less.
At the same time, we can also feel that the adoption of Apple's magnetic wireless charging solution not only solves the problem of wireless charging alignment difficulties but also plays an important role in educating users. Because wireless charging is the future trend, and Apple's goal is also very clear, is to let users get rid of the shackles of charging cables as soon as possible, and finally realize the non-porous design of mobile phones.
In terms of wireless charging, Apple has adopted a three-step strategy. Starting from the first wireless charging phone released in 2017, Apple spent 3 years telling consumers with 10 models that wireless chargers can be used for iPhones. Charging is the first stage.
The main task of the second stage is to continue to educate users on how to accurately and efficiently charge mobile phones wirelessly. At the same time, improve the user experience by increasing the charging power and other methods, so that users feel that the speed of wired fast charging and wireless fast charging is not much different. The wireless charging function creates stickiness.
In the third stage, Apple should completely abandon the charging interface, realize the complete transition from wireless charging to wired charging, and promote the development of the iPhone in the direction of non-porous.

3. How many magnets are built in the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charger?

Not long ago, Wireless520 got the suspected iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging and NFC module pictures from the supply chain, and the internal magnet structure was exposed in detail for the first time. From the picture provided by the whistleblower, it can be seen that there is a ring of magnets on the back of the iPhone 12, and there are two larger magnets next to it, with a total of 36 pieces.
It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging module presents a circular arrangement, and the ring part also has an NFC electronic tag module composed of a golden yellow FPC flexible circuit board and a coil.
There are five electric shocks on the flexible circuit board, of which two electric shocks have been spot-welded. Looking closely at the coils welded, the coils are wound around the inner diameter of the magnet several times. And the coil copper wire is very thin, composed of multiple strands of copper wire, and the single strand of copper wire is as thin as a hair. It can be seen that, in addition to taking into account the use of wireless charging, the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging also takes into account the normal use of the NFC function. The two get along without affecting each other.

4. Will magnets affect the normal operation of other parts of the phone?

magnetic wireless charging
It is understood that there are very few products in modern electrical appliances that can be disturbed by weak magnetic fields. At the same time, semiconductor devices on mobile phones are difficult to be disturbed by magnetic fields. Although components such as speakers will temporarily fail under a strong magnetic field, they will recover soon.
Magnets are also a very common component in Apple devices. For example, Apple has inserted as many as 102 small magnets in the new iPad Pro, but its main purpose is not to perform wireless charging, but to make the iPad and The protective case, Apple Pencil, Smart Connector keyboard and other accessories can be accurately aligned and closely matched.
Combined with the existing case analysis, 102 magnets can get along with other components in iPad Pro. I believe that Apple must have full confidence to ensure that 26+2 magnets will not affect the normal functions of the phone. So this is completely worrying.

5. Is the magnetic wireless charger compatible with the existing Qi standard?

Is the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charger compatible with the existing Qi standard? This should be the most concerned issue for all third-party wireless charging accessory manufacturers because it involves a large number of wireless charging industry chain members such as chip manufacturers, solution providers, and foundries, and the market scale reaches tens of billions.
According to the understanding of the charging head network, Apple is one of the main members of the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance, and currently 10 models under its umbrella support wireless charging, all of which are compatible with the Qi standard, and support the Qi standard to increase the wireless charging power of mobile phones to 7.5W . So on the whole, the current iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging is unlikely to deviate from the Qi standard. The most likely situation is that it is compatible with the Qi standard, and the wireless charging and positioning of mobile phones are more accurate by adding magnets.
Judging from the Google nexus wireless charger previously dismantled by the charging head network, a magnet is set in each of its four corners for positioning. At the same time, this wireless charger is compatible with the Qi standard and can provide 5W wireless charging power.
However, the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging is compatible with the Qi standard, which does not mean that the Qi standard wireless charger can definitely charge it wirelessly. Since adding magnets inside mobile phones has a high technical barrier, mobile phones have put forward higher requirements for wireless chargers. The first thing that third-party wireless charging accessory manufacturers must solve is the compatibility problem.

6. How much power does the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charger support?

Netizens have different opinions on the question of how powerful the iPhone 12's magnetic wireless charging power is. However, the current mainstream view is still 15W magnetic wireless fast charging.
There are two reasons. On the one hand, the maximum power of Apple's wired fast charging is 18W, and it has not changed for many years. It is unlikely that the iPhone 12 will undergo particularly radical changes, and it should continue to remain between 18-20W. As a result, the wireless charging power is even more unlikely to jump directly from the existing 7.5W to 20W high power, and there is no adapter corresponding to this power available.
On the other hand, Apple launched a new 20W PD fast charging charger this year. One indicates that the iPhone 12 may support up to 20W PD fast charging, and the other is used for magnetic wireless charger power supply, which is just right. Meet the demand of 15W wireless fast charging.

7. What new accessory categories will the magnetic wireless charging bring?

The new accessory category brought by the iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging must first be the corresponding magnetic wireless charger, and Apple will officially launch a new magnetic wireless charger for this purpose. The magnetic charging of iPhone 12 can be regarded as a compensation for the lack of AirPower, and it can realize the charging scene that is charging and charging for AirPower.
In addition to Apple's official magnetic wireless charger, Apple authorized brands and third-party accessory brands will also launch corresponding magnetic wireless chargers to meet market demand.
At the same time, there is also a car magnetic wireless charger. With the emergence of magnetic wireless charging technology, the car wireless charging bracket will no longer need to design a clamping device, and it can be fixed by the magnet that comes with the phone and the bracket. The original car wireless charger form and market structure will undergo major changes.
In addition, the phone case with magnets will also become a brand new accessory. Because of magnetic wireless charging, the traditional mobile phone protective cover will affect the strength of the magnetism to a certain extent, thereby affecting the alignment accuracy. Therefore, after the iPhone 12 is equipped with a magnetic wireless charging function, a mobile phone protective case with a magnetic suction function is expected to become a hot product in the market.

8. Will the magnetic wireless charging be affected by putting on the phone case?

For the current mainstream wireless charging technology in the mobile phone market, the distance between the wireless charger and the mobile phone can reach about 8mm, so most mobile phone protective cases on the market, as long as the thickness is not particularly large, will not affect the wireless charging function.
For the magnetic wireless charging of the iPhone 12, if it continues to be compatible with the Qi standard, it will theoretically not affect the use of the wireless charging function. However, the traditional mobile phone protective case will weaken the strength of the mobile phone and the magnetic attraction due to the thickness, thus affecting the user experience.
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  • Surprised by your update speed, these are exactly what I want to know about the magnetic of wireless charging IPHONE12

  • Surprised by your update speed!these are exactly what I want to know about magnetic wireless charging of IPHONE12.


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